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Super Bowl LIII: Pats versus Rams

It is Sunday, February 3.  The New England Patriots are playing the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.  Game on.  While fans of the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs wish they were in rain-soaked Atlanta, they are instead focusing

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The Early View of the 2018 QB Draft Class

[Here is top writer Elliott Glass with a great look at the new crop of NFL QBs and how they are performing in the early weeks of the NFL season.]   In the NFL, there is one position that stands out

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NFL: A Few More Questions Before Kickoff

[Are you ready for some football?  East Coast Editor Ezra Troy brings you a final set of questions before kickoff.  Ezra is, once again, exploring all of the right topics before the whistle sounds.] 1. Aaron Rodgers: Extension and Receivers

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NFL Questions, Part Deux

[Ezra keeps the questions coming with another set of pivotal topics as we inch our way to the core of Week Two in the NFL.  In my mind, the questions (almost exclusively) surround the match up between Big Ben and

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Big NFL Questions as Week Two Arrives

[We sometimes think of him as the best thinker on baseball.  It’s like the star spring athlete that you forget also plays varsity in the fall and winter terms.  This post is the first in a series of articles in

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Mahomes Has Keys to Kingdom, But Can He Drive Chiefs to Postseason?

Concern is growing inside the Chiefs Kingdom.  QB prodigy Patrick Mahomes has the keys to the kingdom, but the central question consuming Chiefs fans is: can he be counted on to drive the Chiefs to post-season success?    As the season inches closer,

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Why NFL Preseason is Problematic

I had a chance to go to the Chiefs game on Thursday night.  It was the first preseason game with new starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes taking the keys to the Kingdom.  Mahomes played two series and then headed for the

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Super Bowl LII Preview

The size and scope of the Super Bowl is amazing to consider.  The Super Bowl is the most watched event in U.S. television (both FIFA’s World Cup and, depending on the participants, the Cricket World Cup can be bigger). Americans

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Friday Night Lights (Dimming)?

The fall football landscape has been filled with noise this fall.  Everyone is talking about the Chargers and their stadium filled with fans of their opponents; and the Twittersphere has been filled with pictures of empty seats across the League.

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Ben Hewitt: The Town That Food Saved

Ben Hewitt’s The Town That Food Saved chronicles the rise of the local foods community in Hardwick, Vermont.  Hewitt makes the compelling case that a collection of agri-preneurs helped “save” this small Northeastern town.             The

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The QB

The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks Football seems like the last thing that I should write about as the thermometer moves about 90 F.  At the same time, we are just 45 days removed from the end of the

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Lamar Hunt’s Super Bowl

Lamar Hunt is arguably the greatest sports entrepreneur of all-time. The late Hunt is the only person to be inducted as a member of the hall of fame in three different professional sports: football, soccer and tennis.  He was, as

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NFL Divisional Playoffs: Down, Set, Hike!

[This weekend is pivotal.  You must clear the calendar.  It is time for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.  We have four great games, including a key match up at Kansas City’s iconic, noise-filled Arrowhead Stadium as two of the most

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NFL Playoffs: Let’s Play Some Cards

[The great Adam “Shem” Shemesh gives us the definitive guide to NFL Wildcard Weekend. There are some solid games on paper including what could be a couple of epic match ups between the Lions and Seahawks and then also the Packers and

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2016: An Epic Year in Sports

[2016 was an incredible year –for better and for worse.  We cheered for the Cubs as they broke their 108-year Curse.  We bemoaned Kevin Durant as he said a fair weather goodbye to OKC.   It was, like every year, what

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MNF: Panthers v Skins

[I am still reeling from a disastrous Sunday loss by the Chiefs.  Arrowhead was a frozen tundra, and Kansas City squandered a consistent lead throughout the first three quarters to fall to defeat on a last-second field goal by former Chief Ryan Succop from 53

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The Walk On

The Walk On by John Feinstein  The Walk On is the first book in the Triple Threat Series by John Feinstein (Walk On, The Sixth Man and The DH).  It is a gripping book that merits 4.5 stars and should

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Gobble, Gobble: A Postmortem on Thanksgiving Football

[As you watched the games on Thanksgiving in Detroit, Dallas and Indianapolis, did you wonder how those three games stacked up against the NFL contests that have been played on holiday’s past?  Washington, D.C.-based Ezra Troy did. His rumination led to this

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NFL Jersey Rules: Here is the 101

The NFL has not been without controversy this year.  National Anthem Boycotts.  Concussion Protocol.  Declining TV Ratings.  Amid the journalist and social media noise, let me add another topic: fan jerseys. In my family, there are a set of longstanding rules surrounding

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A Puzzling Pat: The Curious Trades of Bill Belichick

[I have had the chance to read a couple of great books on the enigmatic Bill Belichick, including The War Room and also the awesome The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam.  ESPN once called him the greatest enigma in sports.  Some

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Big Controversy in the Big D: Tony Romo or Dak Prescott?

[Here is another solid piece from Adam Shemesh, looking at the drama playing out in Jerry Land. Jones has a big stadium in a big state with a big appetite for football.  He also has a big QB controversy.   Adam gives us a fresh, timely set

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NFL: “So, You Are Saying There’s a Chance.”

[Donald Trump isn’t the only one worried about a free fall.   As Washington, DC-based Roey Herzfeld shares in his latest piece, fan in several NFL cities are also struggling to map a path to the postseason.   As someone that was at a

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NFL: Color Rush Match Ups

[MyESPNforkids regular Ezra Troy joins together with his DC-based friend Rami Sloan for a fun look at the top color rush match ups in the National Football League.] Dolphins vs. Bengals (Week Four) Dolphins – The all-out orange is straight-up

NFL: Upside Surprise

[There is a new voice shaping the narrative at  It’s Roey Herzfeld.  The Washington, DC-based Herzfeld has a passion for sports, a keen eye for the top storylines and weighs in with his second piece in as many a days on something

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Great Eight: Troy’s Top NFL Performers in Week Two

[Here are Ezra’s top performers in Week Two.  I am calling this list the “Great Eight.”  It is a QB-heavy catalog with some marquee running backs and wideouts rounding out the second half of his short list.  Every time you

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NFL Look Back: Top Games of Week Two

[It was a tough week to be a Chiefs fan.  Len Dawson, the legendary Chiefs quarterback turned announcer, likes to say that two things kill football teams: turnovers and penalties.  The Chiefs had a bunch of both in an ugly loss

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NFL: Week Two Picks

[Ezra gives us one more installment of his thinking before the whistle sounds on NFL game day.  You will quickly see that he has my Chiefs as one of the top three games of the week.  We not only won

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A Hat Tip to the Major Sports Leagues for Getting 9/11 Right

There has been controversy in recent weeks surrounding the National Anthem prior to the start of NFL games.   It has dominated Talk Radio and Social Media alike.  As 9/11 approached, the NFL again “braced for possible widespread player demonstrations…at

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NFL: Top Week One Performers

[Here is the second in a series of pieces from the great Ezra Troy.  If you are playing Fantasy, you need to be reading his stuff. You also can be glad that he isn’t playing with you –and winning your

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Are You Ready for Some Football? A Smart Look at Week One

[It was an amazing week of NFL games.  Ezra Troy gives us his take on the week that was, including five great games.  You will note that my beloved Chiefs made the list with a thrilling OT victory over division

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Will “Tebow-ing” Make It to a Ballpark Near You?

[Adam Shemesh, one of the best writers on the great game of baseball, weighs in with a pitch perfect piece on Tim Tebow and his foray into baseball.  September is a great month where we have both baseball at its highest

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Troy Talks Fantasy Football

[Washington, DC-based Ezra Troy delivers again with a fantastic tour of the fantasy football landscape.  If you are busy with the start of school, Troy gives you the “cheat sheet” for Draft Day success.  NFL Films calls it the golden game and we

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Top Sports Moments of All-Time: Number Two

The late John Facenda from NFL Films called pro football “a 2.5-hour carnival of color, sound and action.”  When it comes to the sounds of the game, no one does it quite like Kansas City.  As they say at Arrowhead

Big Man on Campus: Three QBs to Watch this Fall

In The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks, Bruce Feldman writes, “You don’t play quarterback. You are quarterback.”  The QB position, as Feldman rightly suggests in his masterful book, requires a leader.  The success of a young athlete in stepping

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A Quack and a Growl: A Tribute to Mad Ducks and Bears

The credit belongs, said former President Teddy Roosevelt, to the man that is actually “in the arena.”  TR’s main point in his famous speech is a simple one: if you have never actually done something, then can you really critique

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What is the Best 30 for 30?

[Editor’s Note:  We get another great story from Kansas City-based Mac Trigg looking at 30 for 30.  Every reader of this site loves this series.  You may disagree with his picks, but you surely agree that 30 for 30 is

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Lovable Losers: Part Two

[Ezra Troy writes his second in a two-part series called, Lovable Losers.  This piece looks at two tragic lists: a) most losses in a row; and b) most wins only to come up short in pursuit of a championship.]     Lovable Losers come

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Lovable Losers: Part One

[Washington, DC-based Ezra Troy offers the first of two articles on a topic that will be (devastatingly) dear to the hearts of anyone that resides in one of the cities on this list.  He alliteratively calls it, Lovable Losers.  The key thing, of

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Top NFL Drafts of the Modern Era

[Editor’s Note: I want to welcome Washington, D.C.-based Ezra Troy as one of our new staff writer for  With school closing out in the DC area, Ezra will be a growing presence on the site this summer.  He brings not only

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Are Youth Athletics Too Competitive?

[Editor’s Note:  I want to welcome one of our new writers for this summer, Mac Trigg.  He brings a passion for basketball and also plays football, tennis (and a little bit of lacrosse).  Many of our readers play competitive and

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NFL Draft: The Biggest Busts of of All-Time

[Editor’s Note: As long-time readers of the site know, Adam is one of the best junior writers on baseball.  He recently did an awesome National History Day on Babe Rush, laying out his impact on baseball and the country.  He weighs

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“Swami Sez”: 2016 Predictions

Perhaps you are acquainted with the Swami, Chris Berman’s alter-ego that loves to speak on the wonders of professional football. It is time for me to channel the Swami and make my own set of predictions for My ESPN for

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Top Sports Moments of 2015

Have you been reading the list of top sports moments in 2015? Do you like what the major media players like the Associated Press, PTI and Sports Illustrated have to say about the big stories of the year?  Simply put, does anyone that

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On the 20th Anniversary of its Demise, Remembering the United States Football League

Ever since the American League challenged the National League in baseball, we have been enthralled with the idea that a rookie league could battle with a superpower. Today, upstarts like the MLS are taking on England’s EPL. But in the

Al Michaels: You Can’t Make This Up

If you haven’t had a chance to read Al Michael’s new book, you need to download it tonight or head to your local bookstore tomorrow. For me, great books is a concept associated with one person: Vivian Jennings and the

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2014 NFL Predictions

Football players go through the grind of a 17 week regular season for the chance to win the most sought after trophy in the NFL: The Lombardi Trophy. In this article I will be predicting the Super Bowl and Conference

NFL: Season Predictions

Best rooks, Rising Stars, Fantasy Leaders and Everything Football As fall is just around the corner, we have many things to look forward to. We can look forward to the Jaguars having yet another abysmal season. We can look forward

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Super Bowl 48

It was Denver vs. Seattle. Old vs. New. Offense vs. Defense. It had all the hype. What nobody saw coming was a blowout, but that’s exactly what happened in New York, whoops, I mean New Jersey, on February 2nd. The

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An Insider Account: Breaking the NFL Noise Record at Arrowhead Stadium

In October, the Chiefs broke the noise record for loudest stadium in the NFL. Here are the facts. The Seattle Seahawks had stolen this record from Arrowhead and the Chiefs in a game against the 49ers. Kansas City wanted it

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RGIII and his Sophomore Slump: Can He Recover?

RGIII has not been his usual self. While RGIII’s stats for 2013-2014 don’t look too bad on the surface, there are major red flags.  As we go into NFL Week 7, a set of questions looms large.  Is RGIII healthy? Is he able

NFL Week 4: What’s in store

There are plenty of week 4 matchups to go over. First of all, the Rams (1-2) and the 49’ers (also 1-2) square off at Edward Jones Dome this Thursday on NFL Network at 8:25 PM ET. My prediction: 49ers. Interestingly

NFL Week One Mega Matchup: Washington Redskins versus the Philadelphia Eagles

When the Redskins and the Eagles meet up Monday night, kids will see a game that will dictate the season for a playoff contender with the Nation’s Capital behind it and a young team with a quarterback with a history.

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