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World Cup 2018 and Soccernomics

[There are few books that have had a bigger impact on my thinking about sports than Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski.  With the World Cup heating up, it felt like a timely synopsis for our Book Review section. 

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Top Sports Moments of 2015

Have you been reading the list of top sports moments in 2015? Do you like what the major media players like the Associated Press, PTI and Sports Illustrated have to say about the big stories of the year?  Simply put, does anyone that

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23 in 2018: Looking Ahead to the 2018 World Cup

It is a striking fact: we are now well beyond a year past the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. And with a four-year interval between each Cup, it is more than fair to say that some major changes will be

World Cup 2014: It Is Hard to Be Psychic!

It is hard, we humbly submit, to be a sports psychic.  But here at we put our predictions right out front for our readers. We make the calls for the sports world to see and comment. If we take

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World Cup: Brazil 2014

As soon as the group draws for Brazil 2014 were announced, U.S. soccer fans let out a collective groan. We were, it could be heard across the pitches of America, doomed. However, after looking at all the teams and contemplating

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