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Month: August 2013

EPL Extravaganza: Chelsea versus Manchester United

When two Premier League giants meet Monday at 3PM ET at Old Trafford, the cathedral of English football will shake. It is comparable to two U.S. cites such as New York and Boston times a factor of three. It is

Instant Replay in Major League Baseball

On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced a new game-changing feature to its instant replay branch. MLB has been talking about change for a long time, but Thursday they made some very significant changes. In this article, I’ll go over the

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Sporting KC: Putting the Train in Brain

On Tuesday afternoon, the Editor-in-Chief was fortunate enough to be invited to Sporting Kansas City’s training facilities. This piece explores three key facts that caught my eye: cutting-edge use of video to enhance player performance; the presence of miCoach for

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Adam’s Take on Biogenesis and a new Beginning for Major League Baseball (MLB

Biogenesis. If you’re a baseball fan, that’s probably a word you’ve been hearing for quite a while now. On Monday, Major League Baseball suspended 13 players because they took performance-enhancers from Anthony Bosch, who owns Biogenesis. In this article, I’ll

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The White Puma Weighs in with a New Book

Jimmy Nielsen’s performance on the pitch has been exceptional. The 35-year old goalkeeper has the all-time M.L.S record for goals against average (1.03). He has played over 100 games for Sporting Kansas City, with 40 shutouts. He has earned his

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MLB DEALS: The Take on the Jake Peavy Trade

Amidst the Trade Deadline buzz, you might have missed exactly what happened in a three-team deal on July 30 between the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox. In this article, I’ll break down what each team got

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