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Month: September 2013

NFL Week 4: What’s in store

There are plenty of week 4 matchups to go over. First of all, the Rams (1-2) and the 49’ers (also 1-2) square off at Edward Jones Dome this Thursday on NFL Network at 8:25 PM ET. My prediction: 49ers. Interestingly

Mack Brown: A Lonely Dog in the Lone Star State

While Mack Brown has been low before, he has probably not sunk much lower than the last several weeks. When you have fans booing at home, boosters weary to give money and talk radio calling the Longhorns the 3rd best

NFL Week One Mega Matchup: Washington Redskins versus the Philadelphia Eagles

When the Redskins and the Eagles meet up Monday night, kids will see a game that will dictate the season for a playoff contender with the Nation’s Capital behind it and a young team with a quarterback with a history.

Johnny Manziel and the NCAA’s decline

As most of our viewers know already, Johnny Manziel was suspended half a game against Rice to open up the NCAA season. This was after the NCAA couldn’t find proof that Manziel signed autographs for money. In this article, I’ll

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