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Month: January 2015

BCS National Championship Predictions

This article was originally written on December, 31 2014. New Years Day. 2015. College Football. Urban Meyer vs Nick Saban. Ohio St. vs Alabama. Can’t get much better than that, can it? For the first time in history there will

BCS Championship Preview

College Football has drastically changed over the past year. One of those changes have been the structure to the BCS Championship Game. This year unlike past years there were two games to decide the two sides in the biggest game

Breaking Down the Rondo Trade

How it affected the league, it’s conferences, and it’s dynamics Whether you’re a fan of the NBA, or just basketball in general, you probably know the Western Conference is in a whole different league than the East. At the moment

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Rose Bowl Preview

On New Years Day, the Rose Bowl will take place at five PM Eastern time. The Rose Bowl features a team who has not experienced defeat in over a year versus a team who lost only once this College Football

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On the 20th Anniversary of its Demise, Remembering the United States Football League

Ever since the American League challenged the National League in baseball, we have been enthralled with the idea that a rookie league could battle with a superpower. Today, upstarts like the MLS are taking on England’s EPL. But in the

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