Johnny Manziel and the NCAA’s decline

As most of our viewers know already, Johnny Manziel was suspended half a game against Rice to open up the NCAA season. This was after the NCAA couldn’t find proof that Manziel signed autographs for money. In this article, I’ll take a trip on the Johnny Manziel Offseason Rollercoaster. First stop: College Station, TX. Last Stop: Who knows where?images

In August, the 2012 Heisman trophy winner got into some trouble. ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” first reported that Manziel had received at least 5 figures for a mass autograph signing near the BCS Championship site, an act that violated Texas A&M’s code of conduct.  The NCAA was trying to contemplate this fiasco. The 2012 Heisman trophy winner and face of the Aggies, if not the whole NCAA, had been accused of signing autographs for tens of thousands of dollars.

The NCAA and Manziel squared off against each other in court. The NCAA simply “didn’t have enough evidence,” despite the fact that anonymous persons said that they gave Manziel money to sign autographs. The NCAA has become a big balloon. But, those always pop at the end of the day. The NCAA is on the decline, folks. Watch out.

In Manziel’s return against Rice, he was being quite a show-off. He pretended to sign autographs for Rice’s defenders, along with other unsportsmanlike gestures. Johnny Football, a small-town kid, is now becoming the bully of the NCAA. In the 4th Quarter, the referees had enough. Manziel was thrown out for unsportsmanlike conducts and ignored coach Phil Sumlin as he was walking back to the bench. Uh-oh, the monster has awaken. We’re in for a fun (and wild) NCAA season.

Adam Shemesh

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