NCAAF: Longhorns Give Tom a Cruise to Austin!


The Charlie Strong era comes to a close.  And within one hour, a new era begins with Tom Herman as the new coach of the Texas Longhorns!


According to various media reports, Herman will make between $5 and $6 million per year.  His deal is expected to run five years.

Herman arrives in Austin with a solid roster that has good young talent on both sides of the ball.  The 2016 recruiting class was ranked in the Top 10.  And at key skill positions, he has Shane Buechele at QB and (if decides to come back) D’Onta Foreman at RB.

The sky is the limit for Tom Herman and UT football as they look out to 2017.  Hook’em Horns!

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4 comments on “NCAAF: Longhorns Give Tom a Cruise to Austin!
  1. Alfred says:


    I was just over at You guys will be pleased to know that you are the CLEAR industry leader. You won’t believe it –once you waste five minutes looking “under the hood.”

    • phtrigg says:

      Alfred, it is nice to hear from one of our most devoted followers. I like the guys at throw the flag. We feel that we are putting out a great product with the best young writers in the field. It is one reason that we are setting new record for readership this year.

  2. Herman News says:

    I think the coming years could be good for the Longhorns. Herman could be a beneficiary of some lucky timing.

    Baylor and TCU seem to have peaked and are headed in the wrong direction. TX will still have to get past Oklahoma and deal with a now consistently good OK State. In general, it is not hard to see them at the top of the conference every year (at least as long as there is a Big XII conference).

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