Best Books on Sports: The Blindside

The Blindside: The Evolution of the Game



You probably have seen the movie. Everyone seems to have watched it. And while movies almost never are better than the book, I don’t subscribe to the notion that you can’t enjoy them both.  

The key, no matter the medium, is a great narrative.  In The Blindside, Michael Lewis takes an incredible story, and turns it into so much more. Lewis first looks at the emergence of the offensive Left Tackle becoming a high-paid position in the NFL starting with the famous game between the Redskins and the Giants where LT takes out Theismann.  From there, Lewis takes us through inner-city Memphis, the West Coast offense and the rise of the 5-star recruit.

The breadth of The Blindside narrative might run the risk of leaving the reader lost.  But in the able hands of the world-class Lewis there is no such concern.  Lewis uses the breathtaking story of Michial Oher to not simply hold together the overarching story, but keep the reader engrossed from start to finish.  Oher’s transcendent rise to glory will not only make you stand up and cheer, but also make you think.

Longtime readers of this site know my love for sports analytics, Moneyball and Michael Lewis.  I have written less frequently about The Blindside.  It deserves a look over the holiday break for anyone that either loved the movie or simply has a passion for the individual stories that make up the great game of football.

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