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The Walk On by John Feinstein 



The Walk On is the first book in the Triple Threat Series by John Feinstein (Walk On, The Sixth Man and The DH).  It is a gripping book that merits 4.5 stars and should be considered a great gift for teenagers this Christmas season.  

The Walk On is about a Freshman, Alex Meyers, who moves to a new school. He does not have the same struggles as most kids due to a early friendship with a great guy named Jonas.  Jonas is also a Freshman and later in the book becomes a star receiver on the football team.

Alex also develops a friendship with Matt Gordon, the captain of the football team and son of the head coach. Alex is hoping to make the Varsity as the back up QB.  However, he is surprised when Jake Binley becomes second-string QB, beating Alex out for the spot. As the season progresses, Alex gets a chance to play following injuries to both Matt and Jake.  In the game, Alex throws for a game-winning touchdown with just one second left on the clock.

His shining moment quickly turns sour when he is accused of using performance-enhancing drugs (steroids).  The climax of the book surrounds these accusations.  Did Alex use steroids?  Is Alex being framed by someone else on the squad?  What will be the implications for the kids and coaches involved in this very serious set of issues?

As noted, this book is the first in the series giving you a potential Christmas gift for each of the next three years.  It is important to note that while this piece of fiction is compelling, it also has adult content.  In addition, it is also over 300 pages in total.  If you have someone that likes to read, loves sports and is between ages 10-15, then you should walk on over to the bookstore and buy The Walk On today.   

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  1. DT says:

    Nice piece, Mac. I love Feinstein’s writing in the Washington Post and will check out some of his books. Thanks!

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