NCAAF: It’s Time to Go Bowling


[The College football playoff system has taken a little bit of the luster from the bowl game tradition.  If you love the game of football and like to assess talent striving to play at the next level, however, you are still excited about these games. Period. Penn State v USC.  Of course, you are going to watch that game.    

Frankly, the threshold to watch college football is an appropriately low one and, as Roey details here, we have a collection of gems coming in the days ahead.  I hope you enjoy taking a break from school, watching some football and spending time with family and friends.]


For college football fans, the most exciting part of the year has finally come: college bowl games.  This list will count down the top 5 non-playoff games which college football fans should be most excited to watch.  (Any games included in the college football playoff are not included, as those are obviously a must watch.)

5. Georgia Tech vs Kentucky

Kentucky made headlines in late November with their shocking win over Louisville.  Now they have everyone’s attention.  Can Kentucky add to this turnaround season or will Georgia Tech add to their strong finish, hoping to win their last four games.

4. Western Michigan vs Wisconsin

This game will be a crucial precedent to all non power-5 conference schools.  Western Michigan was one of the two teams this year to finish the season undefeated (the other school was Alabama).  The Broncos high powered offense led by All- American receiver Corey Davis should be fun to watch against Wisconsin’s super powered defense.

3. Stanford vs North Carolina

This one should be a shootout.  Stanford’s offense led by the explosive and versatile Christian Mccaffrey vs. expected top 5 draft pick Mitch Trubisky.  Trubisky 28 TD passes this year helped North Carolina to an 8-4 record.  This game should be fun and entertaining one to watch.

2. LSU vs Louisville

Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson vs. an always pesky LSU defense.  Jackson hasn’t seen a defense like this all year, so it should be interesting to see how he will respond. NFL Scouts will be watching. This will also be one of the last chances for Leonard Fournette to raise his draft stock.  Additionally, this matchup provides a huge chance for the ACC to make a statement win. It should be close.


1. USC vs Penn State

The number 1 game to watch is USC vs Penn St.  It will be emotional, electrifying, and very exciting.  This game will feature a rematch of the 2009 Rose Bowl where the Trojans defeated the Nittany Lions 38-24.  Both teams are coming into the game without a loss since September and both defeated CFB playoff teams.

Their best wins were USC defeating Washington and Penn State defeating Ohio State.  Additionally, Penn St will have the opportunity to prove to the playoff committee that they were snubbed out of the fourth spot.  It will have the highest viewership of the non-playoff games and should offers some great football.  

Roey Herzfeld

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3 comments on “NCAAF: It’s Time to Go Bowling
  1. Alfred says:

    I could care less about any of the non-playoff games. The other thing is that now these games are competing on the calendar at the same time as key NFL games. NFL wins that contest every time.

  2. Sturges says:

    I think there are several good games and it is still fun to watch them. At some point, you have to assume the playoff will go to eight teams. Then a bunch of these bowls will go away.

  3. Big Dawg says:

    Nice article. I think the USC versus Penn State game will be great one. The Rose Bowl still has a lot of prestige and these kids (particularly the Seniors) have a lot of motivation.

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