2016 Postmortem: Can 2017 Possibly Come Close?

[As we reflect on our website over the course of 2016, one of the standout dimensions has been the work of Ezra Troy and also new correspondent Roey Herzfeld.  The DC duo has made a big impact with some really great writing.  I know all of our readers have enjoyed their stories and are looking forward to hearing their thoughts in the coming year.  Notably, Ezra’s great work also saw him adding the titles Chief East Coast Correspondent and Senior Editor to his duties here at myespnforkids.com during 2016.  Congratulations, Ezra.  

As we all thought about Adam’s piece on the top events of 2016, Ezra and Roey came up with some additions to the 2016 narrative.  You will love these lists.  Happy 2017!] 


I.  Some Additional Key Sports Dates in 2016

  • Janurary 11: Alabama beats Clemson to win their first College Football Playoff Championship, we don’t need a playoff to stop Alabama from winning every year
  • January 31: John Scott gets voted into All-Star game despite not being in the league; proceeds to win MVP in a game he will never forget.
  • February 27: “Bang, Bang”, Curry sinks shot of the year as the Warriors sink the Thunder in the NBA regular season game of the year
  • April 5: U Conn wins the tournament for only the fourth year. Brianna Stewart’s magical college career finishes with 4/4 tournament wins.
  • April 15: Warriors complete 73 win season.  It is only too bad that they will be another footnote in history just like Marcus Paige.
  • April 15: Kobe finishes his career in a Kobe-esque performance – 22-50 with 60 points.
  • May 8: Steph breaks OT points record with 17 points in a playoff game vs Portland, that’s five less shots than John Starks took in game 7 of the 1994 NBA finals
  • May 9: Harper becomes the first player in 100 years to reach base 7 times without an AB
  • May 17: 76ers win lottery and Philly becomes first city to have all three major sports teams have the 1 or 2 overall draft pick, and yet all the Philly teams are still really bad.
  • May 28: Klay sets playoff record with 11 threes, sets up game 7 with the Thunder, leading to the Thundr blowing a 3-1 series lead.
  • May 28: Real Madrid win Champions League.
  • June 12: Sidney Crosby wins his second NHL Stanley Cup with Penguins, that’s two more than Ovechkin.
  • June 26: Chile defeats Argentina on penalty kicks in the Copa America final, with Messi completely airballing one – must be why he decided to dye his hair.
  • July 10: Portugal wins Euro Cup soccer despite Ronaldo being injured.
  • July: NBA players sign record free agent deals ($43 million per deal, $3.1 BILLION in total spending).
  • July 1: Mets pay Bobby Bonilla more than they paid Syndergaard and Reyes in the 2016 season.
  • July 4: KD and the superteam (gave Warriors three MVP’s), looks like the Warriors, and not KD’s mom, are the real MVP.
  • August: USA’s record performance overshadowed by swimmer being “held up” at gas station.


  • September 8: Serena falls out of the number one ranking in women’s national ranking for the first time since February 18th, 2013 – a time even before Deflategate.
  • Aug 26: Tony Romo leaves preseason game with back injury setting up Dak Prescotts MVP worthy season (and I thought it was good for the Giants that Romo was injured).
  • September 30: Team Canada once again dominates hockey, sweeps World Cup over team Europe. Looks like Canada is to international hockey as USA is to international basketball.
  • September 25, October 16: OBJ fights a kicking net and later announces his marriage to it.
  • November 26: Ohio State benefits from miscall in overtime to win over Michigan in College Football’s game of the year (sorry OSU fans, he was short).
  • December 24th: Browns get their 1st win, move to 1-14. I guess even in a year of upsets and surprises as Adam’s piece did a great job describing (Leicester, Cavs and Cubs), the Browns still suck.


II. People who Passed Away in 2016: 

Yogi Berra
Muhammed Ali
Jose Fernandez
Arnold Palmer
Craig Sager
Dennis Byrd
Buddy Ryan
Pat Summitt
Gordie Howe
Will Smith


III.  Sports Legends that Retired in 2016:

Vin Scully
Peyton Manning
Tim Duncan
Kevin Garnett
Big Papi
Calvin Johnson
Marshawn Lynch
Michael Phelps
Usain Bolt
Jared Allen
Justin Tuck
“Peanut” Tillman
Earl Thomas (nevermind)

It was, quite simply, an amazing 2016 year in sports.  Thanks for reading!

Ezra Troy and Roey Herzfeld


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3 comments on “2016 Postmortem: Can 2017 Possibly Come Close?
  1. Alfred says:

    You have to give a shout out to Vin Scully. He did 67 seasons with the Dodgers, starting with them in Brooklyn. He was amazing. “…and a very pleasant evening to you wherever you may be.”

  2. Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee says:

    Palmer was good. The biggest loss has to be: Ali. As he would have said, he was the “greatest.”

  3. The King says:

    The loss of Arnold Palmer was really sad. As the legendary Tom Watson said, “Arnold was the best friend that golf ever had.”

    It is too bad that he won’t be at the Masters this year. We are lucky that we still have Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and some of the other greats with us.

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