Mack Brown: A Lonely Dog in the Lone Star State

While Mack Brown has been low before, he has probably not sunk much lower than the last several weeks. When you have fans booing at home, boosters weary to give money and talk radio calling the Longhorns the 3rd best team in the Lone Star State, it isn’t easy.


The win against K-State last weekend offers some oxygen to Brown. But the larger question remains: why isn’t Texas dominating Division One football? Here is the scoop.

In the college game, it all begins with recruiting. And frankly, Texas recruiting over the last five years has been worse than a five-footer trying to compete in the NBA. Texas should have the best recruiting pitch in the NCAA. “Come to Austin, Texas, where we have great barbeque, great music, and you can play in front of thousands and thousands of loyal fans.” Sounds easy, right?

Mack Brown and his coaches aren’t closing the sale. For starters, you have to spot the talent to have the “Why Texas” conversation in the first place. Texas did not even offer Johnny Manziel a QB scholarship.

Recruits also are looking for high quality facilities. You have to compete with programs in Texas and in the Big XII that have made major facilities investments and stepped up their game. When I was fortunate enough to go to the Oklahoma State-Texas game last year, I was blown away by Stillwater.

Finally, you have to win the big games that high school upperclassman are watching. How has Mack done against Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout.

On Thursday, October 5th, the Longhorns will take on Iowa State.  Mack has to know that his job is on the line if he fumbles against the Cardinals.  At the same time, he cannot be looking forward to the Red River Shootout.  OU now is the game that looms largest on the Texas schedule for the team –and for Mack Brown.  It is the one thing that has the potential to stop the Lone Star State boo-birds from calling for this Lonely Dog to step down as head coach.

-Powers Trigg

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