RGIII and his Sophomore Slump: Can He Recover?

RGIII has not been his usual self. While RGIII’s stats for 2013-2014 don’t look too bad on the surface, there are major red flags.  As we go into NFL Week 7, a set of questions looms large.  Is RGIII healthy? Is he able to deal with the hype of being a star quarterback and team captain? 


For fans of the Redskins or people like me that have him in Fantasy Football (FFL), let’s look at what is wrong with this Baylor alum turned NFL star.  Our blog is all about data.  On paper, RGIII’s stats are not incredibly bad. He has thrown for 1,448 yards.  However, RGIII has only thrown for 6 TD while committing 5 INT.  Furthermore, his rushing is down significantly from last year.  Most importantly, the Redskins have a Win-Loss of 1-4.  It is the ultimate piece of data.

The data tells us something is wrong, taking us to the topic of health.  On that key question, can we get a straight answer?  Dr. James Andrews, RGIII’s knee doctor, has been up and down like a volatile stock.  He cleared the Redskins to throw RGIII out cold Week 1. However, he also has expressed concern about Griffin running the read option.  RGIII himself said, “[I’m] 100 percent, but you can’t put a number on it.”  RGII health has been cloudy his entire career.  Our informed view is that it will only get worst from here.

In addition to health questions, the pressure on RGIII has been incredible.   With his All-Pro numbers and his big-time endorsements, you may forget that RGIII is returning from knee surgery and in his sophomore year in the League. The stress on RGIII also can be seen in his appearances with the media.  RGIII said in an ESPN interview, “I want defenders to hit me late.” While RGIII may be mature considering his age, he still has a way to go to rise to the ranks of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

In conclusion, RGIII may currently be in over his head. However, there is still time for a turnaround. With 11 games left in the season, the Redskins may have a chance to pick up some wins in a very weak NFC East. Today, they face the 4-2 Bears. Will RGIII have the intangibles to win the big game?  Will he fluster in the spotlight?  We will learn his fate when they run onto FedEx Field later today.

-Powers Trigg

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