Readership Jumps (Again!) is a commitment from a small group of students that love sports.   We hail from cities all across the country, giving us different teams that we champion.  We also follow certain games with more intensity than others.  We hope the result is a unique perspective on the sports that you love and the teams that you follow. 

Over the course of 2017, we have continued to set new record for readership.  Our page views are jumping higher that Jordan in his prime. Thank you for your loyalty to this site. 


In the summer, we will be adding a new social media package that should lead to the next wave of growth.  Until then, we will be winning over readers the old-fashioned way: quality writing for kids generated by kids.    

The storylines are all sitting right there.  Baseball season is in full swing.  The NFL Draft is looming.  NHL playoffs bring exciting intrigue.  The NBA postseason is shifting into high gear.  Chelsea fans would let me have it if I didn’t mention the EPL.

It is a great time to be writing, reading and thinking about sports. Thank you for your support

MyESPNforkids staff

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