The QB

The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks

Football seems like the last thing that I should write about as the thermometer moves about 90 F.  At the same time, we are just 45 days removed from the end of the draft. Mandatory mini-camps have kicked off. If you’re not a baseball fan, you need something to do given that the NBA and NHL are now on offseason hiatus.

One of the clear narratives within the NFL at the moment is: the QB role is a determining position for any team hoping for a consistent presence in the postseason.  Recently, I had the chance to read Bruce Feldman book, The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks. With three quarterbacks taken in the first round this year, it is always interesting to consider what makes unheralded college quarterbacks stars (Tom Brady), and unheralded QBs that ended up being unprecedented busts (Ryan Leaf).


I started reading this book with high expectations due to the entertaining subject matter.  The book exceeded my expectations. Feldman writes in a style that makes some of the issues seem innately complex, but at the same time, easily digestible for a causal football fan. He covers the marquee camps (Elite 11, Manning), the key players (two whole chapters dedicated to college Johnny Football), and the newest developments in the QB-world (brain typing, Axon sports video training).


The NFL has never been more QB-centric at any time in its half century history.  Bruce Feldman and The QB: The Making of the Modern Quarterbacks is a great read for a football fan wanting to better understand the position and hungry for the gridiron in the heat of summer.   

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  1. Arrowhead Addict says:

    I love to see someone writing about football!!!!!

    I am excited about the coming season; think the Chiefs will be 11-5 with a win over the Pats.

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