Sports Dead Zone?

Pundits in the traditional media, and on talk radio, love to debate the worst time of year to be a sports fan.  As the thermometer hits triple digits in the Midwest and on the West Coast, it is hard not to take a deeper look at the current window and ask the question: is July/August the top sports dead zone of the calendar year?








Let’s consider the worst of the worst argument:

  1. The NBA is done and most hockey fans are left to wonder in the offseason about little else than parity and whether Golden State can be stopped in the 2017-2018 season.
  2. The NHL, likewise, is finished with the Penguins hoisting their Stanley Cup and various analysts asking who amongst the 31 teams can win next season.
  3. The teams in the English Premier League aren’t racking up points in the standings.  They are racking up revenues with a collection of international friendlies that offer little more than the chance to see your “favourite” icons.
  4. We are in the opening window the NFL season, but the preseason has never been more loathed by players or the season ticket holders forced to buy tickets as part of their seat packages.
  5. Finally, a level below the Big Four, Wimbledon has concluded and the British Open has a new owner of the Claret Jug.  For tennis fans, it is long wait until the end of August and the U.S. Open.








Adam Shemesh, Ezra Troy and the lovers of baseball will invariably weigh in on behalf of baseball.  However, there is little to suggest that anything that happens in the month of August will prove decisive in the outcome of the World Series.  We all have our teams; are hoping they perform well after the trade deadline; also understand that the standings offer a decent view of who will thrive in the postseason.

Let’s hear your thoughts.  Is there a worse window in professional sports?










What do you think?  I tend to argue that the post-Super Bowl season is the low point in the calendar.  However, the current window is less than perfect.  A compelling case can be made.

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One comment on “Sports Dead Zone?
  1. Alfred says:

    There are some big trades being made around the trade deadline and, if you like baseball, you are just now starting to pay attention to the possibility of your team making the postseason.

    My vote would be for the window after the Super Bowl and before March Madness. It is the top Dead Zone.

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