Federer Wins Down Under


Roger Federer is inarguably the greatest male tennis player of all-time.  He has won an amazing 20 grand slams (four more than Nadal).  And with this win in Australia, the ageless 36-year old became the oldest player to win a major championship since Ken Rosewall.  One also would have to contend that he is very well-positioned, absent injury, to make another run at the All-England Club this summer. Will we see the total count move to 21 (or even 22 with hardware hoisted above his head at Arthur Ashe in September)?

The lone tragedy of the fortnight was that the time differentials didn’t allow the American audience to take in more of the tennis, inclusive of Federer’s 5-set triumph over Cilic (6-1 in the fifth).  Fortunately, we have Mr. Wertheim.  As the best writer on tennis during the modern era, we always can count on the omnipresent Jon Werthiem to capture the highlights.  Of Federer, he rightly said, “We are exhausting the store of adjectives and superlatives.”  https://www.si.com/tennis/2018/01/28/australian-open-2018-jon-wertheim-50-parting-thoughts-federer-wozniacki

While everyone is busy with the demands of school, and no doubt spending some free cycles this week on the lead up to Super Bowl LII, let’s us pause and appreciate greatness in our midst.

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3 comments on “Federer Wins Down Under
  1. Big Dawg says:

    Fed is one of the true greats. Anyone that tries to put players like McEnroe or Connors in the same category simply hasn’t looked at the stats. They are unmatched on the men’s side in the modern era. Great piece.

  2. Arrowhead Addict says:

    I have to admit it: I would rather watch Federer play that watch Alex Smith play in the Pro Bowl.

    Tennis is not my game, but he definitely is one of the tops of all-time.

  3. Alfred says:

    Patrick McEnroe said it: “the amazing Roger Feder keeps on going.” Awesome piece.

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