Super Bowl LII Preview


The size and scope of the Super Bowl is amazing to consider.  The Super Bowl is the most watched event in U.S. television (both FIFA’s World Cup and, depending on the participants, the Cricket World Cup can be bigger). Americans eat more food on Super Bowl Sunday than any day of the year except Thanksgiving; during the game, there will be over a billion chicken wings consumed.  The average television advertisement costs $4 million for just thirty seconds of time.  These facts are phenomenal. 

It is worthy asking ourselves how did the Super Bowl become a major event in the first place?  It all happened in 1966 when the two major football leagues agreed to combine.  They winners from each conference would, it was decided, play each other in an year end game that legendary Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt would dub the Super Bowl. 


For the 2018 version, the game will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is the recently built home of the Vikings.  It is said to be “the sixth cold weather location to host the game” and the stadium is located further north than any city to ever host.

As for the contest itself, everyone can’t help but wonder if Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will win another Super Bowl ring.  My prediction is a simple one.  The Pats beat the Eagles just as they did in their last Super Bowl match up in February 2005 (24-21). 

Amazingly, this game marks the eighth time Brady has played in the Super Bowl.  No one has played in more.  Experience down the stretch matters.  Belicheck and Brady deliver again.             

Elliot Glass



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3 comments on “Super Bowl LII Preview
  1. Weston Gates says:

    I have to got with Elliott. If Brady wins, the GOAT will retire. Then someone else can finally win the Super Bowl.

    P.S. There is only a Sports Illustrated cover curse. The Madden Curse is made up.

  2. Madden Curse says:

    Elliott, I guess someone for got to tell you about the Madden Curse? There is no way Brady can win this year. He never should have gone on the cover of Madden. EAGLES win!

  3. Yeah Boi! says:

    I like Brady and the Pats to win this one too…

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