Offseason Underway: Fiedler for Kinsler


You’ve probably already heard about the straight-up swap of superstars that sent Ian Kinsler to the Tigers and Prince Fielder to the Rangers. I’ll go over the trade from the Rangers’ Perspective, Tigers’ perspective, and my take.

The Rangers got a lot of offensive power from Prince Fielder. Everybody knew they were going to trade away Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, or Jurickson Profar this offseason. They ended up giving away Kinsler for Prince Fielder. The Rangers barely missed the playoffs last year; Fielder should provide the offensive production they need to push themselves into the Wild Card game (or further). Jon Daniels is counting on Jurickson Profar to step up this year and try to fill Kinsler’s shoes at second. Jon likes his chances with Fielder. Prince is only 29, and has 7 years left on a 9-year deal he signed with Detroit prior to the start of the 2012 season. Texas is excited to be playoff contender, and Prince Fielder is excited to join the Rangers.

On the other side, the Tigers plugged a big hole by getting the power-hitting second baseman Ian Kinsler. The departure of Prince Fielder now allows Miguel Cabrera to play his normal position, first base. The trade also gives young star Nick Castellanos a good chance to be the Tigers’ starting third baseman in 2014. Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski made a bold move, a got a bigger spending budget without Fielder’s contract that he can use to sign Max Scherzer and/or Miguel Cabrera to long term deals. Miggy-Kinsler won’t be as good as Miggy-Prince, but it’ll still be a fearsome combo.

The Tigers filled their hole. The Rangers filled theirs. Overall, this will probably end up being one of those rare “win-win” trades. I like what the Rangers did. They weren’t afraid to pick up Fielder’s contract and they weren’t worried about his postseason slump. The     Tigers, on the other hand, were bold and aggressive with this trade. They got their second baseman and freed up cap space to spend. That’s my take on the Fielder-Kinsler swap. Don’t look now, but the Hot Stove is burning. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Check back weekly for new ones.

Hey readers, let us know what you think of the other notable acquisitions so far this offseason in the comment section below. (Freese to Angels, McCann to Yankees, etc.)

-Adam Shemesh

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