Space Jam Returns!

Space Jam was a blockbuster.  Now, the amazing sports film concept is returning for Space Jam II.  The film will headline Los Angles Lakers superstar LeBron James.







Space Jam I was one of the most popular sports movies for kids of the 1990s.  It featured the legendary Michael Jordan.  It also included characters from the star television series, Looney Tunes.  The hilarious combination of animated figures like Bugs Bunny and an amazing number of NBA stars such as Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing proved to be a massive hit, grossing $230 million worldwide.
















For Space Jam II, a collection of Hollywood notables, including Ryan Coogler from the Black Panther, has committed to produce the film.  We also know that LeBron has confirmed his participation.  While there were rumors that Kobe also would join, he announced this week that he did not plan to participate.  Who else from the NBA will join LeBron?  It is a key question surrounding Space Jam II as they move toward filming.

There has been a long list of sequel for kids that have been major blockbusters.  Harry Potter is one of the most successful movie (and book) franchise of all-time.  Star Wars also has been a multi-film hit.  Other notables include Jurassic World and the Avengers.  Space Jam clearly hopes to join this successful franchise model.

The original Space Jam was a great movie because Looney Tunes was at its prime; MJ demonstrated that he actually could act; and lots of NBA stars were willing to participate.  It was a 3-pointer that made it a major hit for moviegoers.  As the filming of Space II progress, we will be looking to see if LeBron can match the acting chops of MJ and, as important, if other NBA stars (like LA-based Lonzo or anyone from the starting five of Golden State) will be a part of the film.

Space Jam II has a lot of potential, but not every sports movie can make it to the NBA.

Elliott Glass




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2 comments on “Space Jam Returns!
  1. LeBron is a bum! says:

    This movie is just one more example of Le Bum following in MJ’s footsteps. MJ is the best of all-time. This movie will just be one more example. Sincerely, Muggsy

  2. #beast says:

    I love Space Jam; super pumped up for this sequel!

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