The Greatest Professional Flopper

Flopping. Diving. Buceo. It’s part of modern sports. But who is the greatest flopper of all-time? Let’s analyze three professional sports to find the best flopper in each of them, do a comparison and then determine, “The Greatest Flopper in the World”.

Let’s start with the game we call soccer (and the rest of the world calls football). It comes down to three players: Ashley Young, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. We give the nod to CR7. Seth Blatter of FIFA claims that,”(Ronaldo) spends too much time at the hairdresser” (CNN, October 2013). Ronaldo has diving skills to pay the bills and a head so big that it deserves its own address. He gets the nod in soccer.

Next, let’s look at NBA basketball. The days of hand-checks and the “Bad Boy” Pistons may be gone, but flopping is alive and well in the modern NBA. The three top offenders are: Lebron James, James Harden and J.J. Barea. gives the crown to Le-bum. The best player in the NBA does not need to flop. As the saying goes, “ A person that good should know how to act.” The L-train doesn’t.

Finally, let’s look at America’s most popular sport: football. You could fill a list with NFL wide receivers that like to flop, but we will limit our analysis to the top three: Michael Crabtree, Emmanuel Sanders, and Dez Bryant. Dez gets the title. Bryant seems to think that anyone who touches him should be thrown in a pit of fire. He brings with that perspective the talent of an actor to fool almost any referee.

So, who is the great flopper in professional sports? While Ronaldo is good, he also has a collection of yellow cards that weigh down his vote total. Lebron, in contrast, never gets caught. He wins our flop king of the world. And for those who think he will be upset, we offer King James in his own words: “Flopping,” said James, “is not bad” (Bleacher Report). We beg to differ.


-Powers Trigg

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