The NBA Finals Have Us Asking: Can I Get a Kansas City Quality Steak in Your City?

Everyone loves steak. With the NBA Finals looming, it is time to ask the critical culinary question surrounding this gem of a series: where can a fan find an amazing steak in San Antonio or Miami?

Let us begin by exploring the attributes of a great steakhouse. One element is the quality of the steakhouse’s meat. A truly great steakhouse must have great steak. It also must have magnificent hamburger meat. It is also nice if the restaurant has bacon for burgers and potatoes.  The meat is the nucleus of any steakhouse.

Another key element is potatoes. A steakhouse must have good French Fries. It also must prepare a solid baked potato (a personal favorite of this scribe). Mashed potatoes are also very popular.  The Potato is key –a vital complement to the meat.

Finally, a steakhouse has to have things that please everyone in a family beyond just meat and potatoes.  A main example is bread. A steakhouse should make its own bread and biscuits. It should also have a good wine selection for adults along with quality desserts.

So, with those parameters in place, let us turn to the top-of-mind question for any sports fan planning NBA Finals travel: where do I get a good steak in Miami or San Antonio?

• We will start with Miami. There are two main options in Miami. The Palm offers consistent high-quality steaks and seafood. However, you may want to go “local” with the highly esteemed (and celebrity-frequented) Prime 112. We like that call. You can leave your Lamborghini with the valet.

• Then, there is San Antonio. You would love to see a topnotch option in San Antonio like Truluck’s in Dallas. But according to Zagat, Myron’s Prime Steakhouse is the standout. Like Miami, there are some solid national options for the less adventurous such as The Palm. If you go to Myron’s, the bread pudding with the Maker’s sauce is a must.

On the court, we like San Antonio in seven games. And off the court, we give the edge to Prime 112 in Miami. I’ll take a Rib Eye cooked Medium.

-Powers Trigg

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