World Cup 2014: It Is Hard to Be Psychic!

It is hard, we humbly submit, to be a sports psychic.  But here at we put our predictions right out front for our readers. We make the calls for the sports world to see and comment.

If we take you back to the blog that we wrote back in December 2013, you will learn that this scribe not only predicted the first game outcome for Team USA against Ghana, but also accurately guessed the final score.  And some contest it was as fans across the country headed to venues like Kansas City’s Power and Light District to “sing and cheer and drink some beer” in support of the Red, White and Blue.  Now, it is time to take a look at the looming match up with Portugal, review what has to happen against Germany and then offer some updated prognostication on Team USA and their effort to make it out of Group G.

  • Portugal: In this match up looming large in the beating hearts of US soccer fans, America might still be able to bag three points. While Ronaldo will certainly play better than he did against Germany, Tim Howard was top-class against Ghana and will look to replicate his stellar performance. However, Michael Bradley will have to step up. His form against Ghana was incredibly bad. The loss of Jozy Altidore (may be out for the tournament) will hurt, but is canceled out in this head-to-head by the absence of Pepe –due to a hotheaded headbutt. We still believe in our December prediction: the Yanks win in a tight 2-1 victory.
  • Germany: The Germany match will be an incredible test for the US. Hopefully, they will have beaten Portugal and will already be qualified, but this outcome is far from assured. Defense will be crucial, as Thomas Müller is waiting for just one slip up to put the ball in the back of the net. Again, as with Portugal, Tim Howard will play a big role in the outcome. The US will nick one on the break, but in the end likely fail to keep Müller from bagging two. The outcome will be a 1-2 loss.

In the end, all the US truly needs from the match with Portugal is a tie and then a solid effort against Germany that keeps the goal differential below three.  It should be a doable feat for the 23 men that are carrying the Stars and Stripes on their back and captured the hearts of US soccer fans this week against Ghana.

Just as I said in December, we still like this team and hope some of the naysayers will take a moment to repent for their sins in the comment section below.  Go USA!

-Powers Trigg

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One comment on “World Cup 2014: It Is Hard to Be Psychic!
  1. Angry Bob says:

    This team has a long way to go before I am convinced they can contend at the international level. You clearly are a great fan, but what they need more than that is great play on the pitch.

    It sure would be nice to hear from Adam on some baseball topics as we reach the trade deadline, the All-Star break and with so many teams theoretically in the hunt. Perhaps he could give us a midseason view? Go Cubs!

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