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As fall is just around the corner, we have many things to look forward to. We can look forward to the Jaguars having yet another abysmal season. We can look forward to the Cowboys going 8-8, ending their season in a Week 17 win or go home game against a division rival (which they lose). And we can look forward to the Seattle Seahawks having another 13-win season. Nobody can get be perfect with predictions, but I’m willing to try.

By FAR, the most buzz in this year’s rookie class is around Johnny Manziel. Manziel, a 5’11¾” QB, was drafted 22rd overall this year, to the Cleveland Browns. Not exactly what you’re used to hearing. A small, late first round, Cleveland Browns QB, is getting the most hype in an exciting draft class. Manziel is a good player, but there’s no way he can live up to these expectations. He has problems off the field (and on the field he showed, when he flipped off the Redskins bench).Maybe, in a few years he’ll be decent, but not this season. In my opinion, this year’s stand out rook will be Sammy Watkins. Watkins was picked 4th by the Bills. He is perfect for the Bills. They have E.J. Manuel, an up and coming Quarter Back, and one of the worst receiving cores in the NFL. Watkins will be a 1,000 YD receiver this year. Jadeveon Clowney will live up expectations. Nothing crazy this year, but he will have very solid numbers for a rookie defensive end. I can’t say I like Blake. He was picked WAY too early at 3rd by the Jags. A bad choice by a bad team. Michael Sam is getting a lot of attention too. He’s a very good player. He was SEC defensive player of the year this season. The other part, and the less important part on the football field, is that he is the first openly gay NFL player. I admire Sam for what he’s done, a Trailblazer in his sport. But Sam will bring unwanted attention to a struggling St. Louis team. Sam really isn’t going to have an incredible season and that’s what’s important to the Rams. Another side of this is the Jason Collin’s affect. Collins, a mediocre 12th man became the first openly gay NBA player. The week he announced his sexuality, he led NBA jersey sales. For the media side of things, Sam could go either way for the Rams.

Rising Stars

Kenny Stills: Marques Colston, the Saints #1 receiver, is a good receiver on the decline. Stills, who is only 22, will gradually get more and more targets. What about Graham? Graham is one of the best WR/TE in the league, but he is consistently double teamed. Then, Colston will bring the attention of the 2nd best CB. Which leaves Stills with an average CB, though he deserves better coverage. Stills will get open more often as he will be mismatched, and Drew Brees will find him consistently.

Jordan Cameron: Jordan Cameron will be Johnny Manziel’s/Brian Hoyer’s only target this year. With Josh Gordon suspended this year for 2nd offense marijuana charges, Jordan will be the Browns #1 threat. Cameron, had 917 yards, and 7 TD’s last year. He was targeted 117 times. Imagine how many times he’d be targeted when Josh Gordon (league leader in receiving yards and 7th in targets) is out of the lineup. Cameron will excel this year.

Top 5 Fantasy Points Leaders at each Offensive Position

1. Peyton Manning- 5100 YD’s, 51 TD’s, 11 INT’s
2. Drew Brees- 4950 YD’s, 42 TD’s, 14 INT’s
3. Matthew Stafford-5050 YD’s, 35 TD’s, 21 INT’s
4. Andrew Luck- 4650 YD’s, 34 TD’ 14 INT’s, 200 Rush YD’s, 3 TD’s
5. Cam Newton- 4,400 YD’s, 30 TD’s, 17 INT’s, 650 Rush YD’s, 7 TD’s

1. Matt Forte- 1550 YD’s, 12 TD’s, 650 Rec. YD’s, 5 TD’s
2. Jamaal Charles- 1400 YD’s, 10 TD’s, 750 Rec. YD’s, 6 TD’s
3. LeSean McCoy- 1575 YD’s, 11 TD’s, 300 Rec. YD’s, 3 TD’s
4. Adrian Peterson- 1450 YD’s, 13 TD’s, 200 Rec. YD’s, 2 TD’s
5. Marshawn Lynch- 1450 YD’s, 10 TD’s, 300 YD’s, 3 TD’s

1. Calvin Johnson Jr.- 1600 YD’s, 11 TD’s
2. Brandon Marshall- 1500, 13 TD’s,
3. Demaryius Thomas- 1550, 10 TD’s
4. AJ Green- 1500 YD’s, 8 TD’s
5. DeSean Jackson- 1450 YD’s, 9 TD’s

1. Rob Gronkowski- 1300 YD’s, 17 TD’s
2. Jimmy Graham- 1350 YD’s, 15 TD’s
3. Jordan Cameron- 1,100, 10 TD’s
4. Julius Thomas- 850 YD’s, 12 TD’s
5. Greg Olsen, 950 YD’s, 8 TD’s

Flex i.e. RB’s/WR’s/TE’s not included above
1. Eddie Lacy- 1400 YD’s, 11 TD’s, 250 Rec. YD’s, 3 Rec. TD’s
2. Knowshon Moreno- 1,200 YD’s, 11 TD’s, 500 YD’s, 2 TD’s
3. Antonio Brown- 1500 YD’s, 8 TD’s
4. Dez Bryant: 1400 YD’s, 9 TD’s
5. Eric Decker- 1350, 9 TD’s

Well, that’s all I got. Thanks for your time. Comment suggestions or opinions.

-Roman Scavone

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