Why you should read My ESPN for Kids

In the world, there is not a lot of sports coverage by kids, for kids.  One of the main reasons is the monopoly of children’s sports coverage by SI Kids magazine. I have often wondered why ESPN has not started a sports publication to compete with SI Kids. Because ESPN has not started a blog or magazine, I have decided to launch my own.

My blog will cover high participation sports for kids and teens. These sports will be ones that are played by kids, like soccer and swimming.  While my blog will be covering the BIG 4 sports, most kids quit playing these sports by the age of 13.  Kids need more coverage of their high participation sports.

The main provider of children’s sports coverage, SI Kids, does not provide enough coverage of the most important sports for kids.  For example, they rarely write about tennis and soccer.  In addition, SI Kids’ overall coverage of sports has also declined. In my blog, we will do better.

Let’s use soccer as an example.  Our soccer coverage will feature exclusive interviews.  It will have analysis from the World Cup and its qualifying games.  It will deliver world-class MLS coverage and even a moderate amount of Champions League coverage.  As of today, SI Kids only gave you 17 articles on soccer this year.

My blog will have top-of-the line sports coverage with 100% of the work coming from kids.  It will have a wide range of sports coverage and formats of coverage, from podcasts to articles. We will cover the sports kids play and watch.  We will provide it in formats you like.

If you are interested in becoming a journalist at myespnforkids.com, please submit a three-paragraph sample to mbtrigg@gmail.com. Please also include your name, your address and sports you can cover.

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