The Future of U.S Soccer: A Deeper Look at Three Rising Stars

It is truly the summer of soccer.

With Euro 2016 and the Copa America Centario consuming significant bandwidth on every sports fans calendar, it can be difficult to focus on the youth aspect of soccer.  We focus on the marquee names of now and today.  We forget the players of tomorrow.  Therefore, we felt it necessary to push the pause button for just a moment and take a look at three up-and-comers in U.S Soccer. These players have a chance to develop into what football fans everywhere would simply call “masterclass”.

  • Christian Pulisic is a 17-year old winger that has shined recently for Bourissia Dortmund in the Budsilgia and on the senior United States squad. A Pennsylvania native, “Puls” brings an interesting profile.  While being of a small build (5’8), he is very technically skilled. According to, “He is a modern game’s flamboyant number 10 player who loves to dribble and take players on. Pulisic likes to be given a free role in the team as he plays with a natural flair and is dangerous in the box.” He is being hailed as the future of U.S soccer. While we can’t prove anything definitely yet, he will look to play a major role in this Copa America and the coming World Cup in Russia. This writer had a chance to watch Christian in a friendly against Bolivia in recent weeks.  He is one to keep your eye on.


  • Andrew Carleton is 15-year old, so many will chalk this up to hype. However, the youngster has tremendous game. An incredible midfielder with great technical ability, Carleton singed with Atlanta United on Thursday. He has a bright future.


  • Ethan Horvath is the oldest player on this list, but perhaps the most unknown. YouTube is filled with highlight tapes that will leave you salivating at the potential for Horvath to shine at the international level. If your Mom isn’t regulate your summer screen time, it is worth 10 minutes to take a look at what has objectively to be a U.S. star with a real opportunity to shine at the next level.


These three young men may have something special. However, one eternal question remains: can they do it on a rainy night in Stoke?  At the elite level of the game, everyone has talent.  Everyone has a high-level of training.  Everyone has watched the great players and assessed the game between good and great.  Do they have small intangibles, the willingness to work harder than anyone else, the good fortune of master coaching at opportune times in their maturation.  Time answers all questions in the world of sports.  I have a feeling this bright crop of up and comers won’t let us down.

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