YES! Readership Growth Continues

It is a phenomenal window in the “wide world of sports.”  NBA offseason activity has been feverish with the Durant departure for Golden State causing a major splash.  Wimbledon has been amazing with Federer and Venus Williams providing compelling narratives as we work through (a hopefully drier) second week at the storied All-England Club. And with the exception of the NL Central, almost every MLB divisions appear poised for a competitive second half.


With a product this good, it is little wonder that continues to score record readership.  We eclipsed over 2000 viewers as of the end of June helped by some great writing by San Francisco-based Lucas Dodson (Durant!) and Washington, DC-based Ezra Troy.

The rest of summer is filled with marquee moments.  MLB All-Star Game.  Euro 2016 Finals.  England v Pakistan Test.  Summer Olympics.  Premier League Season Opening (mid-Aug).  NFL Regular Season.  Texas v Norte Dame.  US Open (in New York).


It should be an incredible collection of months.  They will, in the words of Jim McKay, “have on one side the thrill of victory and, on the other, its inevitable companion the agony of defeat.”  It’s a wonderful and wide world of sports.  Thank you for reading.   

Powers Trigg

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