The Absurdity of Baseball

[Washington-DC based Ezra Troy gives us a great top 10 list as we move into the second half of the baseball season.  I know many of our readers love the data and analytics side of baseball.  You are probably figuring out that Ezra does too.

Many baseball purists say baseball is all the sports fan has in August.  Of course, some of us love soccer (and the warm up tennis tournaments for the US Open)!  And this year, we also will have the Olympics (assuming Brazil can get its act together and the athletes have somewhere to stay and compete)].     


Here are ten crazy facts about the first half of the MLB season:

  1. At the All–Star break last season, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy had hit 5 home runs FOR the Mets. This season, Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy has 5 homers AGAINST the Mets.
  2. Since May 31, when the Cubs had a 35-15 record (best in the MLB), they have gone 18-20, yet they still lead their division by 7 games.
  3. This year, Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon (1.3) has a higher WAR than Giancarlo Stanton (1.0) and Albert Pujols (0.2) combined. Colon also has a higher WAR than Andrew McCutchen (0.7).
  4. Mark Trumbo leads the MLB in Home Runs (28 in 86 games). That is more than he hit all of last season in 142 games (22).
  5. In April, Trevor Story hit 7 homers in his first 6 games, good for one home run every .85 games. Since then he has hit 14 home runs in 75 games, good for one home run every 5.35 games.
  6. The White Sox have turned THREE triple plays so far this year. The last team to turn three triple plays in an entire season was the Atlanta Braves in 1979.
  7. The Marlins (47-41) have their second best record at the all-star break ever. In 1997, they were 50-36 at the break and won the World Series.
  8. The Cubs have all 4 infielders starting in the all star game, just the second team ever to accomplish that feat. The first was the famed Big Red Machine of the 1970’s.
  9. In his final season, David Ortiz has 72 RBI at the all-star break, putting him on pace for 144, the most in the majors since Alex Rodriguez’s 156 in 2007 and the second highest total in his career. He had 148 in 2005, the season he turned thirty.
  10. If the Yankees finish the season with their current winning percentage (.500), it will be the first time since 1992 that they finished a season with a winning percentage at or under .500.

Ezra Troy


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One comment on “The Absurdity of Baseball
  1. DT says:

    Great piece, Ezra. I was trying to think about three most memorable parts of the first half of the season.

    1) Max Scherzer has been memorable, including the 20-strikeout game.
    2) Cubs
    3) Odor-Bautista getting in a fight.

    There probably are better ones, but that is my list (as a casual fan that really just follows the Royals).

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