My Top Five Sports Moments

Sports bring us joy.  They make us cry.  They inspire us.  Over the next several days, I will be posting my top sports moments of all-time.  It is impossible for team and geographic bias to not play some meaningful role in my selections.  They are, objectively, all great moments.  And with that litany of excuses, let me begin with #5  


5. Justin Tucker: Game-Winning Kick at the Close of Texas vs Texas A&M 

After an attempt by Texas A&M Coach Mike Sherman to “ice” the greatest University of Texas kicker of all-time Justin Tucker, my number five moment was set.  As announcer Craig Way brilliantly said, “It is the final play of the rivalry...”  There is little doubt that the Longhorns versus A&M was one of the best rivalries in any sport. The fact that this was the last play of the rivalry made it even sweeter, as A&M moved to the SEC starting in the 2012 season.

Justin Tucker kept his cool in front of an intimidating, deafeningly loud Kyle Field crowd.  Here is the call from Way:

GOOD!  Well, it speaks for itself as the Texas Longhorns “break the hearts of the Aggies one last time.”  It was, in a phrase, a brilliant moment not just in college football, but in the world of sports.

I will be back tomorrow with my fourth top sports moment of all-time.  I know it will “pass” your test for greatness.

Powers Trigg

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3 comments on “My Top Five Sports Moments
  1. Sturges says:

    I like this pick. You have to wonder if the Vince Young scramble is going to make the top five. We know the author loves UT. I am guessing the answer is yes.

  2. Big Dawg says:

    I am really ready for some coverage of football. This clip only reinforced it. We need CFB and NFL articles. Let’s see it.

  3. Shaggy Aggie says:

    Nice post. I am still trying to forget that game.

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