Top Sports Moments of All-Time: Number Four

We turn from college football to the tennis court.  As long-time readers of the site know, I am fond of the graceful, poised play of the inestimable Roger Federer.  He is one of the great champions of the modern era.  It would be easy to focus on one of his seventeen major championships.  I have decided, instead, to frame up on one of the moments when he made it the final major stage, but failed to prevail.


4. Roger Federer: Passing Shot at 2008 Wimbledon Final with a Match Point for Nadal

Wimbledon is a true classic.  The All-England Club.  Tennis Whites.  Strawberries and Cream.  In the modern era, it also has produced great champions.  Tilden.  Borg.  McEnroe.  Sampras.  Federer.    

Even the great champions can’t win them all.  Federer has won more than his fair share, but alas he came up short in 2008.  The 2008 final between Federer and Nadal was an all-time classic. With Fed facing a match point against a serving Nadal, Roger pulled a rabbit out of his hat.   

Pure Genius.  In contrast to the Tucker winning kick, this moment didn’t lead to eventual victory.  It showed, however, what made Federer such a great champion in so many majors.  He was calm, cool, collected.  It was the Federer that not only graced (and continues to grace) the All-England Club, but that has defined championship tennis for the last two decades. 

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2 comments on “Top Sports Moments of All-Time: Number Four
  1. Cool, Calm, Collected says:

    Awesome clip. I could watch it ten times over…

  2. Fed Fan says:

    He is one of the greats. As you noted in an earlier article this summer, he may be losing some of what made him so clutch. It was nice to see this clip and be reminded of the time when he was as cool as ice –even in the biggest points.

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