Adam’s Take on Biogenesis and a new Beginning for Major League Baseball (MLB

Biogenesis. If you’re a baseball fan, that’s probably a word you’ve been hearing for quite a while now. On Monday, Major League Baseball suspended 13 players because they took performance-enhancers from Anthony Bosch, who owns Biogenesis. In this article, I’ll break down exactly what happened, who got suspended, and my take on the story.


Anthony Bosch, owner of Biogenesis 

First of all, let’s get into statistics. 13 players were suspended. Five are minor leaguers. The suspensions include former major leaguers Jesus Montero (Mariners), Fautino De Los Santos (Padres), Fernando Martinez (Yankees) and Jordanny Valdespin (Mets). The Yankees had three players suspended, the most out of any team. Francisco Cervelli, Alex Rodriguez and Martinez (mentioned above) were all given suspensions. 2013 MLB All-Stars Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta and Everth Cabrera were also caught. I think that all these players should be ashamed of themselves. They let down their team and fans, but, most importantly, their family.

Now, I’ll talk about Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez’s association with Bosch. Rodriguez learned about Biogenesis from his cousin Yuri Sucrat. Currently, Alex is appealing his 211-game suspension, the longest in MLB history. This is his second offense, but MLB’s investigators determined that he recruited other players, which is why he received such a lengthy suspension. Ryan Braun, who successfully appealed his suspension in 2011, was suspended 65 games. During his appeal, Braun blamed his positive test on sampler Dino Laurenzi, who was then fired by MLB. At the time, Laurenzi said that the situation was “very stressful for…my family. Nobody wants to hear my side of the story.”

I am very glad to see that Major League Baseball didn’t quit. They took a stand against PEDs. Their commitment to catch all these players proves, once again, that Major Leauge Baseball’s dedication is superior to other sports. Bud Selig would not stop until he had undeniable proof that all 13 of these players were guilty. As an MLB fan, I’m looking forward to having a clean game, and you should too.

I hope you enjoyed “my take” on the suspension. We are looking forward to checking in regularly with all our readers.

-Adam Shemesh

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