Top Sports Moments of All-Time: Number Two

The late John Facenda from NFL Films called pro football “a 2.5-hour carnival of color, sound and action.”  When it comes to the sounds of the game, no one does it quite like Kansas City.  As they say at Arrowhead Stadium, Decible Up.

What was the genesis of the Arrowhead Advantage?  Its origins can be traced back to at least 1990 when the Chiefs were playing the division rival Denver Broncos.  Fans were so loud that QB John Elway simply stopped playing.

Noise  courses through the veins of the Arrowhead faithful.  It comes almost as a birth right dating to the days of AFL and the fierce battles between the Raiders and the Chiefs.  And on that night in 1990, a national reputation was born.

As every sports fan knows, however, icons are inevitably challenged.  In recent years, new stadium construction called the question on whether Arrowhead remained the loudest open-air stadium in the NFL.

Seahawks fans, armed with a new state-of-the-art facility, coined the term the 12th Man replete with a scoreboard sign.  Postseason success aided their noisemaking.  And then, last December, Seahawks’ fans broke KC’s noise record by .1 of a Db.

Kansas City refused to quit.  On September 29, 2014, the Chiefs faced Tom Brady on Monday Night Football.  It was time to take back the record.  Chiefs fans did just that.


142.2 Db.  Loud and Proud.  My ears may still be ringing –and it is my number two sports moment of all-time.  It just too bad that the late John Facenda wasn’t around to make an iconic call.  “A special game.  A unique game.  A rare game.”  And to paraphrase Facenda, “The fans that support it make it so.”

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2 comments on “Top Sports Moments of All-Time: Number Two
  1. Arrowhead Addict says:

    This piece is solid. You should have the guys over at Arrowhead Pride send it out on their Twitter feed.

    This one is my top moment, so I will be interested to hear what you think beats it.

  2. Throw the Flag on Throw the Flag! says:

    This site blows the doors off of Throw the Flag! I loved this piece. NFL Films was the best. John Fancenda was a legend. He is missed…

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