NFL: Week Two Picks

[Ezra gives us one more installment of his thinking before the whistle sounds on NFL game day.  You will quickly see that he has my Chiefs as one of the top three games of the week.  We not only won our first playoff game against them last season since the Joe Montana era, we also won our regular season match up.  I am sure Houston is hungry for a victory and they looked good in Week One.  I like the Chiefs in a game that I agree with Ezra will be “a close one.”]  

Let’s take a deep look at three key match ups this weekend.  Then, I will give readers my full list of picks for Week Two.


3. Sun @ 1:00 – Chiefs at Texans                                                Pick – Texans                                                                 

In a rematch of last year’s AFC wild card matchup (which the Chiefs won 30-0), the Texans and their new QB and RB, Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller, host one of the NFL’s top defenses and their quarterback, Alex Smith, who are coming off the biggest comeback in team history. This promises to be a close one, but ultimately, the Texans offense has too many weapons and their defense, led by three time Defensive Player of the year JJ Watt will be too much for the Chiefs to handle.

2.  Sun @ 8:30 – Packers at Vikings                                           Pick – Packers

Everyone loves division games, especially when they are on prime time and pit one of the league’s best offenses (the Packers), against one of the league’s best defenses (the Vikings). In a matchup between two playoff teams from last year, Aaron Rodgers and an offense without their starting QB (Teddy Bridgewater – lost for the season on a torn ACL) will be too much for the Vikings to handle. 

1. Sun @ 1:00 – Bengals at Steelers                                           Pick – Bengals

In a rematch of the most heated playoff game last year, two division rivals square off. This will be a shootout, as two of the league’s best offenses square off. In the end, the Steelers lack of a talented secondary will lead to their demise, as the Bengals take this heated rematch.


My longer list looks as follows:

  • Sun @ 1:00 – 49ers at Panthers Pick – Panthers
  • Sun @ 1:00 – Cowboys at Redskins Pick – Redskins
  • Sun @ 1:00 – 49ers at Panthers Pick – Panthers
  • Sun @ 1:00 – Saints at Giants Pick – Giants
  • Sun @ 1:00 – Dolphins at Patriots Pick – Patriots
  • Sun @ 1:00 – Titans at Lions Pick – Lions
  • Sun @ 1:00 – Ravens at Browns Pick – Ravens
  • Sun @ 4:05 – Seahawks at Rams Pick – Seahawks 
  • Sun @ 4:05 – Buccaneers at Cardinals Pick – Cardinals
  • Sun @ 4:25 – Jaguars @ Chargers Pick – Jaguars
  • Sun @ 4:25 – Falcons @ Raiders Pick – Raiders
  • Sun @ 4:25 – Colts @ Broncos Pick – Broncos
  • Mon @ 8:30 Pick – Bears

Ezra Troy

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One comment on “NFL: Week Two Picks
  1. Chiefs Kingdom says:

    KC looked horrible. It will be interesting to see what they look like at the Bye Week. They have the Jets and then the Steelers. It could look a lot like 2-2.

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