Readership Growth Continues!

It is a great time of year for sports as the MLB pennant race heats up, the NFL kicks off and CFB ramps into high gear.  There are lots of storylines to cover.  We have had some solid new articles from writers Adam Shemesh and Ezra Troy.

It is incredibly gratifying, as we post new content on the website, that readers continue to seek out our site.  We have had over 2,000 new readers this year alone. While we don’t have location data on all of our readers, our top cities are New York, Chicago and Kansas City.  We also have seen impressive year-over-year growth from Washington, D.C., Maryland and Massachusetts.


We look forward to continuing to write pieces this fall, even as we juggle the demands of the school year and fall sports.  We appreciate the support.  Ben Franklin once said, “Either do something worth writing about or write something worth reading.”  This website hopefully is a little bit of both.  Thank you for keeping us in mind as you seek knowledge and insight on the great games that we all love.

Powers Trigg and the Team


2 comments on “Readership Growth Continues!
  1. AG says:

    I am not surprised you guys are doing great. I love American sports and stumbled across your site during Wimbledon. It is very good and has readers from place including here in London.

  2. Alfred says:

    Congrats, guys. You are my top sports site –for kids, by kids.

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