Instant Replay in Major League Baseball

On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced a new game-changing feature to its instant replay branch. MLB has been talking about change for a long time, but Thursday they made some very significant changes. In this article, I’ll go over the pros, cons, and my take.

There are many positives about expanding replay. We won’t see as much of this:


Managers will be allowed 3 challenges per game, with 1 coming in the first 6 innings and 2 in the last three. To make sure the review is completely accurate, MLB representatives in New York will have the final say on all plays that are challenged. Upon further review, expanding instant replay could be very good for Major League Baseball.

There are still a ton of bad points about this, though. First of all, your grandpa might feel like instant replay is ruining the purity that was in the game when he was growing up. Also, this isn’t helping umps to get better, it’s actually allowing umpires to be sloppier, becuase now they can be corrected. Lastly, this will slow down the game. The manager will go to the umpires, who will then call MLB representatives in NY to tell them that the play was challenged. It’ll be at least 5 minutes for each challenge at the end of the day.

I have a mixed opinion about instant replay in baseball. I think that replay is necessary, but Bud Selig did too much. 1 or 2 challenges per game would be more ideal. This a very groundbreaking decision. Hopefully it’ll do some good for Major League Baseball. The playoff race is heating up, but it’s been a very busy August off the field for MLB. Remember, the owners of each team will either vote for or against this proposal during the annual winter meetings in November.

Tell us what you think about instant replay in sports.

Adam Shemesh

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