Great Eight: Troy’s Top NFL Performers in Week Two

[Here are Ezra’s top performers in Week Two.  I am calling this list the “Great Eight.”  It is a QB-heavy catalog with some marquee running backs and wideouts rounding out the second half of his short list.  Every time you read his post, you think: thank God he is not in my Fantasy League.  Well done, Ezra.]


  • Matt Ryan, QB, ATL: In a win over Oakland, Ryan threw for 396 yards and 3 TD’s on 34 of 48 passing
  • Ryan Tannehill, QB, MIA: In a loss to the Patriots, Tannehill threw for 389 yard and 2 TD’s on 32 of 45 passing.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, NYJ: Fitzpatrick threw for 374 yards in a Thursday night win against the division rival Bills
  • Eli Manning, QB, NYG: In a win over the Saints Eli threw for 368 yards in his 40th career game with over 300 yards passing.


  • Isiah Crowell, RB, CLE: In a loss to Baltimore, Crowell averaged over 7 yards a carry with 133 yards and a touchdown.
  • Matt Forte, RB, NYJ: In a win against the Bills, Forte had his 25th career game with over 100 yards to go with 3 TD’S
  • Stefon Diggs, WR, MIN: In a win against the division rival Packers Sunday night, Diggs went off, with 9 receptions, a touchdown and 182 yards.
  • Corey Coleman, WR, CLE: In his second career game, Coleman had 2 TD’s, 5 receptions and 104 yards.


There were also some notable injuries, including seven RB’s that went down including Adrian Peterson (torn Meniscus, no timetable to return), Doug Martin (hamstring, three weeks), Arian Foster (groin, one-two weeks), Jonathan Stewart (leg, up to two weeks) and Danny Woodhead (Torn ACL, season).  And of course, the Pats are in a major pinch at the QB spot as backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo sprained his AC against the Dolphins.

It should make for an interesting Week Three.

Ezra Troy


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3 comments on “Great Eight: Troy’s Top NFL Performers in Week Two
  1. Ezra Daya the Good Man says:

    I think that Rob Kelley was fantastic in a loss against Dallas. He rushed for over 200 yards! And did you see Dayanim on Los Angeles?? He was fantastic! 102 yards on six catches and a TD! #MVP?

  2. Alfred says:

    Eli is a great guy. He is overpaid and I question whether the Giants can win another Super Bowl with him taking up all that cap space

  3. Sturges says:

    Great piece. It will be interesting to see where the Raiders go over the course of the season. They could very well be 0-2. They have a tough set of division games against Chiefs and Broncos. Did Ryan play great against a good team? Are the Raiders not what some were saying after Week One? I am not sure.

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