2016 World Series: Chicago vs. Cleveland

The tale of two cities. Cleveland and Chicago. With the baseball season coming to an end, the remarkable seasons of both the Cubs and the Indians led me to wonder which team is more destined to win it all this year. Of course, there are plenty of other teams in contention for the World Series, but none would mean more to its city than a Cubs or Indians victory.


For most people, the answer seems obvious. The Cubs are more destined. This is finally the year the suffering ends and Theo Epstein’s genius takes Chicago to the promised land. Cubs fans have been waiting for awhile now. It’s been 108 years since the Cubs won it all, the longest active drought in the sports world. But this really seems like the year they will do it. After last seasons run came to a heartbreaking sweep courtesy of Daniel Murphy’s heroics, the Cubs have not missed a beat and have been the best team in baseball for the whole season. The Cubs are looking for their first 100 win season since 1935 and fans have many reasons to believe this is the year.

However, a Cleveland World Series win would be just as special. Prior to Lebron James’ heroic performance in this year’s NBA Finals, Cleveland sports hadn’t won a title in over 50 years. But in 2016 they broke that curse with a Cavaliers championship. Now the Indians are looking to add to the 2016 legacy and make it a year Cleveland will remember forever. The year not only Lebron took us to the promised land but a year where Terry Francona surprised the sports world with an Indians World Series.


The Indians seem even more destined than the Cubs to win it. This is the year of Cleveland. 2016. And every night Jose Ramirez seems to be hitting a walk off pushing his team to the top spot in the division. The Indians are a miracle team and Cleveland would rejoice with another championship.

Roey Herzfeld

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5 comments on “2016 World Series: Chicago vs. Cleveland
  1. Alfred says:

    Hey, Wrigley Whacko. You need to lighten up. You guys have a great team and Theo Epstein is going to make sure you guys are very good for a lot years to come. Why all the bluster? This piece was really good –and definitely gave the arguments on both sides?

    I can only assume what you are really angry about is that big contract that the Bears gave Cutler?

  2. Nice Piece says:

    The truth is that every fan believes that they deserve a championship. We give everything we have to these teams. KC has been waiting for the Chiefs to win a Super Bowl since Len Dawson was chucking passes.

    I have never seen your articles on this site. Nice job.

  3. Wrigley Whacko says:

    Hey, Roey.

    The Windy City has been waiting a long damn time for a WS. Cleveland may be the Mistake on the Lake, but they just had a world championship parade thanks to Le-Bum. They don’t need another one.

    Unless you are from Cleveland, this piece gets a thumbs down from this Cubs Fan.

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