In Memoriam: Jose Fernandez

This morning, I was sitting with my friend and he showed me his phone. It was an ESPN alert “Breaking.”  It said, “Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez has been killed in a boating accident”.


No way! I thought. It must be a mistake, just like when reports were out that Mike Trout had been killed in a car accident, but he didn’t actually die. As the day went on, however, it became clear that this was no mistake. Jose Fernandez (1992-2016), along with two other people, had been killed when their boat crashed into rocks at around three in the morning.

I could not believe it (and still, as I am writing this article, am overcome with sadness, shock and disbelief). Fernandez, 24, had been one of the best pitchers in the game. He was a Cuban defect (it took him four tries), Rookie of the Year, recovered from Tommy John injury in 13 months and was in the race for Cy Young this year (16-8, 2.86, 253).  Now we learned that he had been killed.

The whole day, my ESPN app and Sports Center were flooded with Jose Fernandez stories. They told of his happiness, charisma and his never give up attitude. They told of his pitching mastery, how he was going to be a Hall of Famer and was all-time great. They told of his mother and grandmother, his two biggest supporters, that he left behind. They told me that the world missed out on an incredible hurler and, more importantly, an incredible person. We will miss you Jose Fernandez.


I would like to dedicate this article in memory of Jose Fernandez, an all-world hurler and an even better person.

Ezra Troy

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4 comments on “In Memoriam: Jose Fernandez
  1. Nice Piece says:

    Ezra, I like your piece a lot. Well done.

  2. Rami Sloan says:

    the sports gods hate 2016

  3. Alfred says:

    Well done. He was a great player and, by all accounts, a good person. Thank you for taking a moment this weekend to pay tribute to him.

  4. Roey Herzfeld says:

    Beautiful piece Ezra!!!! I felt the same feelings throughout the day. It’s so unfortunate that we lost not only a great baseball player but a great person and a great teammate. Rest in Piece Jose

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