NFL: Upside Surprise

[There is a new voice shaping the narrative at  It’s Roey Herzfeld.  The Washington, DC-based Herzfeld has a passion for sports, a keen eye for the top storylines and weighs in with his second piece in as many a days on something that is on everyone’s mind.  What are the big early stories in the NFL?  If you are on his list, congratulations.  If you are still living with the uncertainty that often surrounds the early weeks of the NFL season (and certainly surrounds my 2-1 Chiefs facing a tough game Sunday at Pittsburgh), you can take solace in the fact that no one (maybe with the exception of the Jags and Browns) is out of it yet. Well done, Roey.]   

Fall football is in the air.  And as we await some important Week Four action, let’s pause at midweek and take a look at the five biggest surprises so far early in this NFL season.

  • 5. Broncos
    • Following their super bowl win, questions surrounded the quarterback position. The summer was filled with controversy and competition leaving Broncos fans wondering who would take over after Peyton Manning. Gary Kubiak named Trevor Siemian as his starter and Semian has not looked back. The Broncos are 3-0. We knew their defense was going to be good, but their offense has been surprisingly decent due to Trevor Siemian’s play at quarterback.


  • 4. Vikings
    • Minnesota’s sharp defense has led them to a 3-0 start, defeating two very good teams in the Packers and the Panthers.  Many expected this from Minnesota…until Teddy Bridgewater, their quarterback of the future tore his ACL.  Questions surrounded Minnesota’s front office to see how they would respond. Rick Spielman responded with a head-scratching trade. Sam Bradford was headed to Minnesota for a first rounder. But now it’s Spielman who looks like the genius as the Vikings defense, along with Bradford, have carried Minnesota to a 3-0 start.
  • 3. Cardinals
    • Coming into the season the Cardinals were one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Now they are 1-2 and have lost to a Tom Brady-less Patriots and what was a winless Bills team that looked abysmal in their losses to the Jets and Ravens. Arizona’s unfortunate start is really a head scratcher. There’s not one issue that can be pinpointed, the Cardinals are just simply not executing.  On a side note, the Panthers are also off to 1-2 start, but it’s less surprising considering the quality of their losses, as they have lost to the Broncos and Vikings.
  • 2. Patriots
    • After the news of Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension came out, experts suggested that a Patriots 2-2 or 1-3 would be a successful start due to conditions of the team.  However, Bill Belichick, in some of his best coaching efforts of his career, has taken two young quarterbacks and has led this team to a 3-0 start. The most impressive part of this fast start is the teams they are beating. Arizona, Houston, and Miami. All teams who had big expectations for this year, which makes their start all the more impressive.


  • 1. Eagles
    • The biggest surprise so far of the NFL season is the hot start of the Eagles. Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz are only the second rookie quarterback and rookie coach to start their careers at 3-0. The Eagles have been phenomenal allowing an average of 9 points a game. Carson Wentz is off to an unbelievable start with 5 TD’s no interceptions and a passer rating of 103.8! The Eagles unexpectedly look like one of the top teams so far and they have a shot at going far this year.

Roey Herzfeld

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5 comments on “NFL: Upside Surprise
  1. Rami Sloan says:

    The Eagles are the best team in the NFL, Carson Wentz is our savior, and will bring Philadelphia our first Lombardi Trophy. Also, Roey your article is pretty good. Anyways, Carson Wentz is better than Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Broadway Joe combined, and should be in the Hall of Fame already. Also, EDP is god, even more than Bartolo Colon.

  2. Sturges says:

    Early in the season, there seems to be decent parity in the NFL. You could imagine a lot of different teams making the playoff.

    The big story has to be the Pats. Everyone assumed they would be in trouble. Now, their worse case outcome is 3-1 before Brady comes back; and you have to think that they are going to beat the Bills at Foxboro.

  3. Sturges says:

    Nice piece. I am assuming you are a Redskins fan. Dan Snyder has ruined that team. They used to the one of the best franchise in the NFL, but have made a series of bad mistakes including building that stadium in the middle of nowhere.

    They need a Dallas-quality facility right in the heart of downtown or as a second part of development over by the Nats.

  4. Ravens says:

    I like the fact that you didn’t put the Ravens on your list. They may be 3-0, but they have not played anyone and in fact almost lost to the Jags. So, before someone jumps on and says, “What about Baltimore?”, my view is that they don’t even make the Top 10 at this point in the season.

    They do have a cupcake schedule, but still don’t deserve even a mention until they beat the Raiders (who may also be overrated).

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