NFL: Color Rush Match Ups

[MyESPNforkids regular Ezra Troy joins together with his DC-based friend Rami Sloan for a fun look at the top color rush match ups in the National Football League.]


  • Dolphins vs. Bengals (Week Four) Dolphins – The all-out orange is straight-up stupendous. They were lucky to have great colors for color rush, and used it well. Bengals- At first look, I didn’t like it. Then I saw the black stripes. The dark orange helmets against the white jerseys and pants are very nice.
  • Broncos vs. Chargers (Week Six) Broncos – Similar to the Dolphins all out orange, the Broncos all out orange is great. Combined with the great Navy helmets, the Broncos have a great color rush uniform, not to mention the bringing back of their old helmets. Chargers – The horrible powder blue normally used by the Chargers is gone, replaced by a light navy. That, combined with the gold lightning streaks, is why the chargers have an amazing color rush uniform.
  • Raiders vs. Chiefs (Week Fourteen) Chiefs – The Bills’ red is cool. The Chiefs red is even cooler with the red helmets, giving them a complete color rush look. The red-on-red-on-red look on-field is going to be astonishing. Raiders – The Raiders is simple and sweet. Their signature silver on a white background gives a nice, classy look.
  • Rams vs. Seahawks (Week Fifteen) Seahawks: Considered a top color rush uniform by many, it is hard to disagree. The neon green has been an alternate jersey in the past, and this time, in a cleaner look combined with the same color pants make and awesome uniform combination. Rams: The yellow, much better than the Jags mustard, seamlessly combines with the navy to form a beautiful combination and make this one of the best color rush matchups of the season.


  • Giants vs. Eagles (Week Sixteen) Giants- similar to the Raiders, the simple jerseys work again. Their red-blue outline on the white background gives them a clean and fresh look that will sparkle on the final Thursday Night Football of the year. Eagles- my Eagles have worn this jersey before, but it’s sick every time. Even though I think that all-midnight green jerseys would have been even cooler, this black-on-black jerseys are a dynamic duo that are timelessly stunning.

Rami Sloan and Ezra Troy

3 comments on “NFL: Color Rush Match Ups
  1. Nice Job says:

    I liked this piece a lot. I don’t really like Miami, but agree that this uniform is flat out awesome. Great article, guys.

  2. Big Dawg says:

    I like to see the new kid writing on the site. You guys have been cranking out some killer content in the last couple of months. Nice.

  3. Alfred says:

    A lot of people say that the Chiefs version looks like their regular jerseys. I agree with you: the all red is really cool.

    It is too bad the Chiefs aren’t playing better. If the team stinks, it is hard to get excited about their uniforms.

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