NFL: “So, You Are Saying There’s a Chance.”

[Donald Trump isn’t the only one worried about a free fall.   As Washington, DC-based Roey Herzfeld shares in his latest piece, fan in several NFL cities are also struggling to map a path to the postseason.  

As someone that was at a dreadful home loss to Denver in Week One, and an even more tragic loss to the Bears 17-18 in Week Four, I can tell you that I didn’t see anyway that the Chiefs could make the playoffs after Week 6.  They did.  And as Roey frames here, my beloved Chiefs are not alone.]  

For fans of the Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, 49ers, Bears and Panthers, the start of this NFL season has been disappointing to say the least. The high expectations of Panthers, Jets, and Chargers have been crushed and if not for a quick turnaround those teams will not be playing in the playoffs.

Fortunately for this group of teams there have been cases where teams that have started 1-4 made it into the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the six teams who have done it.


1992 Chargers

This Charger team began their season with four straight losses before turning it around and winning their next four games. They eventually won the division and beat the Chiefs in the first round of the playoffs before being defeated by the Dolphins.

1993 Oilers

In the following year, the Houston Oilers began their season 1-4. Led by Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon, the Oilers then went on to win their next 11 games before eventually falling to the Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.


2002 Jets

After heading into their bye week with a record of 1-4, Coach Herm Edwards managed to take his team to the “playoffs” by winning the division with a 9-7 record. The Jets blew out the colts 41-0 in the first round but fell to the Raiders in the Divisional Round.

2002 Titans

In the same year, the Titans dropped to 1-4 before winning 10 out of their next 11 games to win the division. The Titans defeated the Steelers in Overtime in the divisional round but like the Jets fell to that same Oakland Raiders team in the Conference Finals.


2015 Chiefs

The most recent team to accomplish this feat was last year’s Chiefs. The Chiefs began their season 1-5 and then won their next ten games winning a wild card spot. The Chiefs were defeated by the Patriots in the Divisional Round.

Roey Herzfeld

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3 comments on “NFL: “So, You Are Saying There’s a Chance.”
  1. DT says:

    Great article, Roey!

  2. Alfred says:

    I liked this piece. Most everyone in the League still has a chance. Nice article.

  3. Sturges says:

    Well done here. I am season ticket holder in the Chiefs Kingdom. I was tempted to sell my tickets after we lost to Minnesota to go 1-5 last year. It ended up being a heck of a season. Hopefully we can beat the Raiders on Sun coming off this bye week. If we drop to 2-3, we are going to have a long, hard path form there.

    Thanks for this great article!

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