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2016 Postmortem: Can 2017 Possibly Come Close?

[As we reflect on our website over the course of 2016, one of the standout dimensions has been the work of Ezra Troy and also new correspondent Roey Herzfeld.  The DC duo has made a big impact with some really great

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A-Disgrace? A-Rod and His Path Back to MLB Respect

[MyESPNforkids is lucky to have our own Peter Gammons: Adam “Shem” Shemesh.  When you contemplate the biggest names in baseball during our time as young fans, you have to think about Alex Rodriguez.  At the same time, the word steroids

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The Absurdity of Baseball

[Washington-DC based Ezra Troy gives us a great top 10 list as we move into the second half of the baseball season.  I know many of our readers love the data and analytics side of baseball.  You are probably figuring out

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Adam’s Take on Biogenesis and a new Beginning for Major League Baseball (MLB

Biogenesis. If you’re a baseball fan, that’s probably a word you’ve been hearing for quite a while now. On Monday, Major League Baseball suspended 13 players because they took performance-enhancers from Anthony Bosch, who owns Biogenesis. In this article, I’ll

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