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NFL: Upside Surprise

[There is a new voice shaping the narrative at  It’s Roey Herzfeld.  The Washington, DC-based Herzfeld has a passion for sports, a keen eye for the top storylines and weighs in with his second piece in as many a days on something

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Are You Ready for Some Football? A Smart Look at Week One

[It was an amazing week of NFL games.  Ezra Troy gives us his take on the week that was, including five great games.  You will note that my beloved Chiefs made the list with a thrilling OT victory over division

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Super Bowl 48

It was Denver vs. Seattle. Old vs. New. Offense vs. Defense. It had all the hype. What nobody saw coming was a blowout, but that’s exactly what happened in New York, whoops, I mean New Jersey, on February 2nd. The

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