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The Early View of the 2018 QB Draft Class

[Here is top writer Elliott Glass with a great look at the new crop of NFL QBs and how they are performing in the early weeks of the NFL season.]   In the NFL, there is one position that stands out

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NFL Jersey Rules: Here is the 101

The NFL has not been without controversy this year.  National Anthem Boycotts.  Concussion Protocol.  Declining TV Ratings.  Amid the journalist and social media noise, let me add another topic: fan jerseys. In my family, there are a set of longstanding rules surrounding

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Great Eight: Troy’s Top NFL Performers in Week Two

[Here are Ezra’s top performers in Week Two.  I am calling this list the “Great Eight.”  It is a QB-heavy catalog with some marquee running backs and wideouts rounding out the second half of his short list.  Every time you

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